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Visualizing C1 to C8: The Corvette Design Exhibition You Don’t Want to Miss

After you recover from New Year’s Eve festivities, the next party you must not miss is an exhibition hosted by the Scarab Club, Detroit’s premier artists’ gallery and studio. Tapping private collections and General Motors archives, Scarab members have gathered an extensive collection of conceptual drawings (including those by Peter Brock, seen above and on […]

Chevrolet Corvette: A Brief History in Zero-to-60-MPH Acceleration


Stolen ’64 Chevrolet Corvette Returned to Owner after 40 Years

In 1976, Modesto Fleming’s C2-generation 1964 Chevrolet Corvette was stolen while she was living in Anaheim, California. At the time, the police were unable to track down her car, and she believed the Vette was gone forever. And that was indeed the case until this October, when Fleming got her car back thanks to Dave Madrigal, a California […]